Remedial school Johannesburg




          1.1  Respect for and consideration of the rights of others is expected from everyone at our school.

          1.2  Good manners and politeness are expected from all learners at all times.

          1.3  No discriminatory or bad language (swearing/blasphemy) may be used.

          1.4  Be responsible for your own belongings.

          1.5  Treat others the way you want them to treat you.

          1.6  No weapons of any kind are allowed to be brought to school.

          1.7  Learners may not threaten another child either verbally or physically.

          1.8  No contact games may be played at school.

          1.9  No fighting or bullying in any form whatsoever is permitted at our school.

         1.10 Name-calling, teasing or rudeness will not be tolerated.

         1.11 Chewing gum is not allowed on the school premises.

         1.12 No learner may disrupt a lesson, or prevent the other children from learning by disturbing the class.




          2.1 Walk on pathways and inside buildings.

         2.2 Look after all school property (such as books, furniture and equipment).

         2.3 No climbing of trees, walls, gates or fences, or playing in an out-of-bounds area is allowed.

         2.4 No food, drinks or books may be taken inside the toilet areas.

         2.5 Toilets must be used correctly and with consideration for others.

         2.6 Keep the school grounds and buildings clean and tidy.



          3.1 Cell phones are not allowed at school. Should a child need to bring a cell phone to school at any time, this is to be handed in to the Office by an adult. The phone                  must be switched off and will only be returned to the child as they leave the premises for the day. The school is not responsible for any loss or damage to cell                        phones.

          3.2 All toys, games, playing cards of any sort, etc. must be left at home unless permission to bring that object to school for a specific lesson is given by the class /                       Aftercare teacher. Real or toy weapons (knives, guns, swords, etc.) may never be brought onto the school premises under any circumstances. If a weapon is                         needed for show-and-tell, it may only be in the form of a picture or cardboard cut-out.

         3.3 Any cell phone or unauthorized object found in a learner’s possession while on the school grounds will be confiscated and only returned at the end of that term.                     Should the item be viewed as dangerous, the parent will be contacted to collect this in person.



           4.1 Once they arrive at school, learners may not leave the school grounds before the end of their school day without a teacher or parent’s permission.

          4.2 Any child who is found to be a continual danger to himself / herself, or who endangers the safety of other children, will be asked to leave the school with                             immediate effect.